19 February 2018

Fun at School

Scooter lessons

Fun on the new playground

14 February 2018

Barking New Playground

Room 1 children were very busy at school this morning helping to spread the bark in the new junior playground.

11 February 2018


Welcome to our Room 1 Blog for 2018. We look forward to you following our adventures this year and leaving comments for us to read.

09 December 2017

Fantastic End of Year Activities

Pool Party and water fight with Leslie
Raroa Intermediate concert
Mike helped us make wooden snowmen

Pets Day with Lakin's dogs
Room 1 Hobbies

Foot printing!

17 November 2017

Hiwi Kiwi Visit

Model Train Visit

Yesterday Room One and Three went to Mike's house to see his train tracks. It was amazing to watch with lots of different trains. We met Room Three at the park for lunch. My mum came to help too. She was at the back of the line to watch the people at the back. When we went to the park we had lunch and then a play on the playground there.               by Stella

26 October 2017

International Food Day

During the last week of Term 3 Brightwater School had a fabulous International Food Lunch. We had a choice from German sausages in a roll, Argentinian steak sandwich, sushi, buttered chicken, Churros, Lemper and a Thai chicken dish.

Museum Visit

On Friday we went to the Museum. We had lunch at the church steps first. After lunch we went in the Museum and Room 1 went in the dark room.  Then we went upstairs and we did activities. There was drawing and we were drawing on stones. We had to give the stones energy. Then we went down stairs. Next we went outside and a man talked about plants.
I liked it at the Museum because there was treasure.                                                      by Toby

On Friday we went to the Nelson Museum and we saw Nicky there. We had lunch at the Church Steps and then Nicky invited us inside the Nelson Museum. Then we did some drawing. Next we gave the stones some energy. Then we drew about some treasure and we did the map of the world. After that we did some food and finally we did some push and pull factors.                by Kingston

20 September 2017

Belly Dancing

On  Tuesday afternoon  Room 1 had Debbie. Liam's  mum  taught  us

Turkish  dance. This is the Middle Eastern clap. Put your four  fingers just under your nose and go lallalalallalalala. Its name is Zhagreet. Then we had some fun dancing. I got to wear a special belt.  My belt didn't make any noise because it was just a plain one.
I liked doing the dancing because I can get better at it.   by Lucas

13 September 2017

Science with Mr Kennedy


Room 1 went on Monday to the back field with a rugby teacher called Sam. He taught us how to play rugby. He taught us how to play zig-zag around the cones. Teams of 10 and 12 were scoring tries. It was the last day with him. 
I liked the games he played.  
by Lucas

14 August 2017

Tennis Report

Today Room 1 went to tennis with Ngaire in the hall. They did fruit salad and got hit with the tennis balls. Room learnt to strike the ball with rackets. They bounced the ball once  and hit it over the net. the other team was catching the ball.  by Luke

30 July 2017

End of Term 2 Activities

It was a busy end to the term.
We had a Wheels Day as a class treat, made kites to celebrate 'Matariki' and had a scooter safety lesson.

16 June 2017

Cross Country

On a sunny Friday afternoon Room 1, 2 and 3 did the cross country. It was fun. The boys went together, all the girls went together in the race. We had to go two times around the bike track. I was puffed after the race. We had to go up a hill. I really enjoyed the cross country. I saw my mum when I was running and she was with her friends. Her friends where Megan and Hanna, their kids, Bran and Polly, my brother too. The whole school did it.   by Stella

Lanscape Chalk Pastels

Our class made landscape pictures with chalk pastels and I made one with a hill in the middle of the river. Also there were three trees and hills behind it, then a beautiful sun set with glowing pink clouds and yellow sky.  Mrs Roberts put something to make it look shiny - clear varnish. We needed to use warm and cold colours in our pictures.    By Ariana             

14 June 2017

Making Porridge

My class had science on Tuesday. It was making porridge. First we put rolled oats into the hot water and we stirred it up. Next we watched it get bigger. Next we set the bowls up. There was a little bowl, a big boll and a medium bowl. We put all the porridge into each bowl. But we did not get to eat it. The medium bowl stayed the hottest because the bowl was deeper and it had a small surface area and I thought the big bowl would be
the hottest.  By Hazel

29 May 2017

Busy Week

Room 1 has been very busy with two weeks of swimming lessons at the Aquatic Centre and then taking the school assembly on Friday. The children had lots of fun at the pool and their swimming ability really improved. Assembly featured Autumn art work, poems and swimming lesson demonstrations.