22 November 2018

Pet's Day

Room children had lots of fun making flower creations and their baking from home.

12 November 2018

Junior School Assembly

Emmitt is showing a Karate move.

Tabitha is Tap Dancing.

Eimear is reading her speech before she begins her Irish Dancing.

07 November 2018

Making Healthy Popcorn

Last Friday Room 1 made delicious popcorn that was popped in Joanne's popcorn machine. We also made origami containers for our popcorn, Joanne scooped it out and there were a lot, a lot of popcorn! I made a green slot it looked cool like the rest. It was hard to make them. There were so many difficult folds but the teacher was there to help me. We had plain popcorn because it is healthy and it works with our topic healthy food. It was popped from little bits of hard corn. It looked cool when it was popping because it explodes with heat, the shell's crack and then explodes and goes flying into the bowl or floor which a kid would eat it. I got 2 serves because I finished quick. It was yum popcorn because I like popcorn.                 by Ali

27 October 2018


On Friday we had a visitor to our class. He was little and furry. Thanks Emma and Jasmin for sharing your pet possum with us.
On the last Friday in Term 3 Ryan won the Gold Ukulele for Room 1because of his fantastic singing at the school assembly - thanks Ryan!
We have been using the robotics that we have to programme so
they can follow directions and it is lots of fun.

28 August 2018

Term 3 Assembly

Last Friday Room 1 did Assembly and I was leading it. I was so exited and it was Room 1 and Room 5.  I was leading with Steve. Room 1 had the most planned by far we had calendars, a dance, a song, a tree poem and story. It was amazing all because of our teacher's really good planing. It was an outside Assembly. I have never seen an outside Assembly before. I liked Assembly because we did a dance. Now I will thank my teacher for planning an amazing Assembly, 'thank you Mrs Roberts.'     by Ali

18 August 2018

Tree Nursery Visit

 We visited the ArborGen Tree Nursery at Spring Grove this week. Russel told us how they grow the little pine trees from seed and then sell them for planting in forests.

14 August 2018


Room 1 children were busy today doing Matific Maths on the class computers.
Everyone was working very hard and engrossed in their task.

07 July 2018


Brightwater School celebrated Matariki with a shared breakfast. We then spent the morning completing a range of different Maori activities including singing, art, weaving and rakau. It was a really cool day at school!

28 June 2018

Jump Jam and First Aid

 On Monday a person who did Jump Jam came to our school, his name was Brett and he was 55 years old. He taught us some Jump Jam moves, we went over the bridge and then he came there too. Brett is very good at dancing. Dancing isn't just for girls, it is for boys and girls. He is very nice, at the end we got to ask questions to him. One of the questions was why is Jump Jam called Jump Jam?The whole school did Jump Jam with Brett and Brett put some music on. I like Jump Jam really, really much because you
can learn different dance moves. 'Jump Jam is my second favourite dance.'       by Sana

 We did First Aid with Catherine and learnt about the emergency services. Room 1 children also had fun bandaging each other.

20 June 2018

Class Treat

Room 1 earnt a pyjama party by getting 10 marbles in the jar because we were getting everything back like poem books.
I am wearing a onesy today and we are going to have popping corn, a DVD this afternoon.
Mrs Earle is going to look after us.
by Reilly
Today is pyjama party day and it is so fun because we don't get to get dressed. I am wearing my unicorn pyjamas that Breanne got for me for my birthday and I brought my dressing gown and slippers. My slippers look like my Nana's ones but a different colour. My slippers colour is pink and black but I do not know what hers are.
Yesterday night Grandma came to our house, before she came we were watching Winks Club.         by Zoe

14 June 2018

Up-date for Term 2

Cross Country
Road Safety

Mushrooms for school gala

Veladrome - scooter safety

02 June 2018

Term 2 Assembly and Painting mushrooms

Room 1 had a very busy day on Friday. We
painted our clay mushrooms with the help of some classroom Mums, which was very much appreciated.
In the afternoon we hosted the school's assembly and highlighted, Road Safety, The seasons and Bullying which have been some of our topics

24 March 2018

School Assembly

 It was Room's 1 turn to take School Assembly last Friday. Our presentation was all about 'ME.' We displayed our portraits,  there were comments about ourselves and from a buddy and the class recited the poem, 'The Mirror.' Joanne made us a mirror each which was real cool. Ruby led the assembly and Mary finished our part of the assembly by leading the signing of 'The Rainbow song.' Well Done Room 1!

21 March 2018

Sports Day

We joined Hope, Ranzau, Appleby and Wakefield School's Junior Syndicate children to play a variety of sports and activities. It was at the Brightwater Domain today and we had lots of fun. Some of the things we did were, jumping sacks, football, rugby, hockey tennis, stilts, vortex and parachute as well as lots more things. There were 18 teams and each team did six different activities.

09 March 2018

World Maths Day

On Wednesday it was World Maths Day and Room 1 children were very busy on the computers playing live Mathletics.
 It was lots of fun and a good way to learn basic facts.