27 April 2017

Road Safety

Yesterday I  went with Oliver.  The whole Brightwater School went to a road safety demonstration and they saw a car go 60km. They bashed into the cardboard people and they went 50km and it was fun. On the 50km they didn't crash into the cardboard people.
by Otis

02 April 2017

New Student

Ryder is
bravely holding a mouse that was caught in a trap by Mrs Roberts's desk. See if you can see the cheese that is in it's mouth.

29 March 2017

Electronics Treat

For Electronics Day in Room 1 I brought a book and it has a button that you push  it and it makes  a noise. It is like a Christmas noise. It is very special to me because I got it from my Great Grandad Roy.   By Laylah
We had lots of fun with various devices as well as remote control toys.

25 March 2017

Our Buddy School

 These photographs are of our postcards and the puzzle we coloured in was in the Wanderers colours. We wrote about our favourite place in the Nelson area and then drew a picture of it.
We hope Whangarei Primary School like it.
The top postcards and poster were sent to us by Whangarei Primary School- thank you!

Sports Day

Brightwater School Junior Syndicate went out to Wakefield School last Wednesday for the Sports Day. We did six different activities and it was lots of fun. Appleby, Ranzau and Hope Schools were there too.

11 March 2017

Pool Party and Reusing materials

Last Friday afternoon Room 1 and 2 had a combined pool party at school to celebrate a great start to the year.
There was no wind, it was cloudy and even the pool was quite warm so ideal conditions for water pistol fights and riding boogie boards.

Room 1 is trying to help Brightwater School reduce the amount of rubbish going in the skip. The school now has a much smaller one and the children reused a lot of materials during Discovery Time to construct various objects such as sand timers, money boxes and rockets.

14 December 2016

End of Year Fun

Jucies at the end of our picnic at Rabbit Island
School Assembly
Fun games
Mix and Make clay bowls
Yummy raspberries and ice-cream

24 November 2016

Trip to Rocky Shore

Yesterday we went to Rocky Shore. Down on the beach we found Half crabs, Sea Stars, Sea Lettuce and chiton. I saw lots of Barnacles, 2 Flat worms and they looked disgusting, I found sea anemones and I thought they were funny because when you touch them they close like a door. When we got there we played on the playground. At morning tea time when I was eating my cracker my tooth fell out! Sonny wrapped it in glad-rap. Sophia's Mum took us there and it was the first time I've been there. I saw a glass shrimp in a groups ice cream container. My favourite thing was finding the creatures.       by Ella

18 November 2016

Flower and Pet Day

It was  Flowers and Pets Day at school today. Everyone in Room 1 made a button hole and a sand saucer.  Lots of children decorated biscuits and some made miniature gardens.
A few children brought their pets to school like Pippa with her young goat.

14 November 2016

Healthy Lunch and Eating

Room 1 children investigated to see if they had a healthy lunch and everyday they eat Sugar Snap Peas from the garden outside the classroom.

19 October 2016


This morning Shaun came and he told me about bees. That bees collect pollen to make it into honey. There was 50,000 bees in a hive. Bees have stings that hurt. After that die. The Queen bee has a white dot on it's back and the Queen bee is the boss. It also is the biggest bee. It lays 1,500 eggs a day. Big bees get pollen to feed the baby bees. The smoker is to stop the bees talking to each other bees. Guard bees protect the hive. There are girl bees and boy bees but there are most girls than boys. Squash wasps because they steal bees food.      Robbie

My Dad talked about bees in Room One. I helped carry the stuff into the classroom. Dad said to Caleb to go to his classroom but he did not do it. The guard bee stings the wasps who are trying to get to the honey. The Queen bee has protecting bees around her. Dad gets the honey in the hive and sells it to Fresh Choice, then people buy it. Then they buy it again. Bees are really important for out garden.      Jacob

17 October 2016

Battle of the Somme

Yesterday the Alf s Imperial army came to Brightwater School from the Waikato. We had a sword fight on the front lawn. It was Middles vs Seniors and Juniors vs Juniors. I was so exited when they came and they had red and white uniforms with a white helmet. They told the whole school about the Battle of the Somme, it started in 1916 in France 100 years ago. We made a lot of noise so that we knew what it was like for 7 days of fighting in the war. It was fun because we made a sword each and in the sword fight mine didn't break.         Ella and Nico